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Current Terracoin Features

These are the current Terracoin features. We are always innovating and adding new features as crytocoin technology improves.

Decentralized governance

Decentralized governance gives masternode holders the ability to put in proposals and vote on governance objects.


The masternode network is the second tier of the Terracoin network. It processes InstantSend transactions, PrivateSend transactions, and allows owners participate in decentralized governance.


Miners can use something called merge mining or AuxPOW to mine Terracoin while they also mine other SHA256 coins.

Dark Gravity Wave

Dark Gravity Wave adjusts the difficulty every block that is mined. This protects the network against a time warp attack.


PrivateSend mixes your Terracoin before sending to insure privacy.


InstantSend is currently disabled as of v12.1.7 because of a known exploit. When it is enabled again it will allow for near instantaneous transactions.


A spork gives Terracoin the ability to avoid hard forks by waiting for consensus before implementing new code.


Sentinel helps maintain decentralized governance objects in the budget system


Fees are charged for each transaction to increase the intensive for miners and masternodes to participate in the network.

Future Features

These are planned features for Terracoin.

Atomic Swap