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An all-powerful toolset for Terracoin

Sentinel was originally developed for DASH.

Sentinel is an autonomous agent for persisting, processing and automating Terracoin governance objects and tasks, and for expanded functions in the upcoming Terracoin V12.2.x release. Sentinel is implemented as a Python application that binds to a local version terracoind instance on each Terracoin masternode.

Sentinel for Linux:

Sentinel for Windows:

Governance Object

A Governance Object (or "govObject") is a generic structure introduced in Terracoin to allow for the creation of Budget Proposals, Triggers, and Watch Dogs.

Class inheritance has been utilized to extend this generic object into a "Proposal" object to supplant the current terracoin budget system.

Sentinel Diagram

Andy Freer DASH Evolution Developer:

"The differences with Sentinel are really architectural and not easy/interesting to explain to users as they are a bridge from 12.0 towards Evo features (but not full implementing them), and Sentinel was only a part of 12.1 improvements anyway. Pre-Sentinel, governance functions were 'hard wired' into core code. Sentinel abstracts this process because in Evolution there are many Object types from Users to Accounts to Contacts etc, and if we didn't make this change first, future changes / improvements in Evolution (e.g. adding a new type of Object) would require changing core code. Now Core is agnostic to types of objects and we can take this forward for user experience and not just governance.In terms of documentation, first thing - the whitepaper last year wasn't actually a whitepaper, not sure why it was released with that name - anyway, no, there is no whitepaper specific to Sentinel, but we have various docs for Evo in an on-going RFC process but we haven't released anything yet, but we are using them as the basis for Evo development (will release them before Evo but not quite ready yet)"