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Current Terracoin Core Specifications

  • SHA256 hashing algorithm
  • Block reward is controlled by the emission rate: Reward Halving on every 1,050,000 blocks
  • Current Block reward is 10 TRC per block. 4.5 to miners, 4.5 to masternodes and 1 to decentralized governance.
  • Merge mining (AuxPow)
  • Block generation: 2 minutes
  • Difficulty Re-targets using Dark Gravity Wave - Improved Kimoto Gravity Well - Exponential Moving Average weighted adjustment
  • Total coins: 42M
  • Decentralized Masternode Network
  • Superior Transaction Anonymity using PrivateSend
  • Two-tier network using masternodes to form the second tier
  • Instant transactions (InstantSend) made possible by the masternode network (Currently disabled as of version 12.1.8)
  • Decentralized Governance By Blockchain) allows masternode owners to vote on budget proposals and decisions that affect Terracoin. Budget proposals fund Terracoin development and come directly from block rewards, i.e. Terracoin development is self-funded by its own blockchain.